Twitch TV, Here I Come.

What's up!

For a long time now I've been wanting to get into live stream gaming. I've always loved games and the whole geek culture. Seriously, I have a tattoo of Yoda and remember spending every weekend playing Pokemon at the local card shop when I was in elementary school. However, I've lost touch with that side. Being so work oriented leaves little time for much else. There are some benefits of working in a social media agency though...

I'm constantly aware of all thats trending in culture. I've been hearing nonstop about the importance of live streaming and with apps like hq (invite code gioxsoto ;) it's hard to miss. I've also been aware of games like Fortnite and how they're slowly taking over the world, which led me to playing the game on my phone and loving it (also, can we admire the fact that this freaking game made it's way to mobile? Like, thats unheard of). Then it happened.

A streamer by the name of Ninja played Fortnite with Drake. Yes, DRAKE. This was a moment in gaming culture that broke all kinds of viewing records and made me realize. THIS. IS. IMPORTANT. So I dusted off the hardware I bought months back to stream and never used, went and bought a PS4 (I have a Nintendo Switch I love but unfortunately, Fortnite isn't on Switch) and made a Twitch account.

I've spent the last week perfecting my set-up and finalizing my Twitch account and I'm ready. Starting this week, I'll be streaming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30pm set. on, in addition to behind-the-scenes of my photoshoots. It's going to be a hard grind but I'm so ready for this. If you've made it this far, it would mean the world to me if you can head on over and drop me a follow there <3.

Wish me luck!

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