Lightroom Preset Pack: Dreamy

Lightroom Preset Pack: Dreamy


This preset pack contains FIVE Lightroom presets that I use in my personal photography. I have edited each one meticulously to instill a dreamy/moody vibe. Each one gives you that soft look with deep blacks. Here's a little more about them:

Aura: Best for portraits & people. This preset gives the shadows a warm hue to convey an intimate mood and blue highlights for a dreamy atmosphere.

Lucid: I like to use this preset for indoor looks. It plays well with soft light & adds extra smoothness for those up close shots. 

Sol: My go-to for outdoor shots- landscapes, street, harsh light etc. Sol mutes the distracting colors & gives an extra level of fade. My personal favorite.

Lunar: Black & white. All of the vibe, none of the color. Nuff' said.

Wander: I personally use Wander for all of my lifestyle photoshoots. It gives a warm look while adding extra details in the shadows. Great for lifestyle looks. 

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